WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website

What is WordPress and how does it work?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), which is essentially software that allows you to create, publish and modify content online, i.e. a website.

A WordPress website is made of 3 main elements that need to work harmoniously for a website to perform:

  1. The CMS core – The core system that drives the site. Almost like an engine of a car.
  2. Theme design – The theme design dictates how your site will look and feel, from the color scheme to fonts and page layout. You can choose a template or custom-built theme.
  3. Plugins – The extra software you add to your site to perform the functions you need, from galleries to analytics, SEO, etc v  .

How popular is WordPress?

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has grown immensely in popularity. From small independent blogs to multinational business websites, 60 million people now choose to power their websites with WordPress. Its big brand customers include Rolling Stone, Walt Disney, Bloomberg, Mercedes Benz, and Sony Music.

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