Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Why Redesign a Website?

Have you ever heard that your website should be your best salesperson?

Think about it. A website should say everything about your business and promote all your current products, services, and pricing. It should attract prospects and answer any and all questions they have about the company.

In other words, your website should convert prospects into leads like any other salesperson.

Just as you need to train and invest in your salespeople year after year, you need to measure your site’s performance over time and make any necessary changes and updates to ensure it continues to successfully convert visitors.

As you analyze your site, you might identify specific problems that prompt you to consider a redesign. Maybe shoppers are increasingly abandoning their carts on your e-commerce site. Maybe your bounce rate is significantly higher on mobile devices than desktops. These are just a few reasons that you may need to redesign your site.