Ways To Improve Email Marketing

Email marketing is exactly what its name implies: it’s marketing via email, but it provides a more direct, individualized approach.

Its popularity and applicability to brands have skyrocketed ever since the pandemic gave way to digital channels, becoming the central forms of communication.

However, just like the overall digital media space, specifically within the social media sphere, there is a LOT of noise within the email marketing sector.

Hence, it’s essential to understand ways to effectively shape your email marketing campaign, if you so choose to utilize that strategy. It can be a very successful marketing tool if followed correctly.

So to understand how to do that, we present to you, a few ways to improve your e-mail marketing.

Provide value to the recipient.

You want to market your business through email marketing, yes. But remember that the consumer is what matters the most, no matter which marketing campaign. So you need to remind the reader how and why your product or service will provide value to them, consistently throughout the e-mail.

Design your own formatting template.

Anybody’s email inbox is all the time flooded with emails they get every day. So you don’t want to be one of those unopened lost or ignored ones on their list.

In order to achieve that, be sure that you create your own format and be creative about the way you present yourself.

Also, one important point is to make the necessary links visible and easily accessible with different options like “unsubscribe” and “visit our website for more information.”

Segment your email lists.

You might have your email list full of people but not everybody is interested in the same thing as one another. One might be interested in discounts and another might be interested in the news. Now if you send discount and news to everyone on your list your response rate will be low because you didn’t target your audience properly

So it’s important to understand who you are sending emails to and segment your list accordingly. Giving important messages to your followers and customers can encourage more open and click-through ratings and lesser unsubscribes.

Email should be from a real person.

64% of subscribers open an email based on who it’s from. No one likes receiving an email from “No reply,” someone they can’t or won’t reply to. So next time, have your email come from a member of your company, or even your heads or CEO – and in order for their replies to not get bounces or ignored, let them know the CAT or how to reply.

Your subject line should be compelling and to the point.

You win or lose with the subject line in your email, they make or break your campaign. They must be captivating enough to make customers open the emails but at the same time, friendly enough to not turn them away. Either spell out an offer that your customers will find irresistible, such as, ’50% off on something,’ or inform customers of something special that’s happening, such as, ‘Your favorite sale is back on Tuesday!’

Also, keep it short; lines with fewer than 50 characters have higher open rates, and anything over 50 runs the risk of being ignored and try to convey a sense of urgency in the subject line with a special announcement, but don’t be too pushy. Your chances are increased if you’ve got a specific e-mailing list curated for every occasion.

Personalize it.

74% of online customers are frustrated when they receive content that has nothing to do with their interests. Hence, email blasts that are not a bit customized won’t resonate well with your contacts. But when personalization is done right, it can encourage contacts to open their emails and also engage with them. Those emails which have personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be clicked on and read.

So, start with the basics, like adding first names to the subject lines. And then use more advanced consumer data to offer a much more compelling call to action. No matter if basic or advanced, the more personalized the messages, the more impactful the email will be.


A bold call to action (CTA).

Not having clearly defined calls to action is one of the biggest mistakes in email marketing. If the reader can’t understand what they’re expected to do in under 5 seconds, there are high chances of them deleting your mail.

Hence, each email you send out should have a stated and clear purpose, whether you want your subscribers to purchase, learn more, or sign up. Having a bold call to action in a high spot above the fold can provide more likes and engagement than a simple ‘Click Here’ at the end of your message. The less scrolling and searching for stuff, the easier to engage with you.


Keep it short and provide the “curiosities gap.”

“Curiosity gap” is a practice popularized by Upworthy. It is a caption that serves as a teaser and creates curiosity so that the reader clicks for more. This practice can be utilized as a subject line and also to draw attention to a blog post, a Facebook advertisement, or whatever else is of priority for the reader’s eyes from within the email.

So, if you have a lot of content to share, consider including teasers for each section and then a read more link to the full copy. This will help you avoid forcing readers to scroll past one huge section of content to get to the other secondary pieces of content, especially in mobiles.

Find out the best time of day to reach your target audience(s).

You need your audiences to engage with your email, so find the time at which they will do so. Don’t assume every business person will respond between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Also, when scheduling your emails, keep in mind the time zone of those in your database. It is a good idea to segment your send times so that each area gets its message at optimal and preferred open times.

Keep testing.

As a marketer, you need to keep an eye on everything and keep checking and rechecking if your strategies are working or not. The same goes for e-mail marketing, check-in regularly with your campaign’s different rates like open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, engagement over time, number of unsubscribe requests, etc. You must know what is working and what may not be working so you can adjust.

In order to boost open rates check the same email content with two different subject lines. For click-through rates send the same email, but this time only changes the button position for your CTA. By constantly evaluating your strategy with subtle changes, you put yourself on a data-driven & constant improvement path.

Regularly update your email list.

Up to 40% of your subscribers are inactive. So, remember to keep your recipient list as clean as possible. Up to date email lists have higher open and engagement rates than older ones. Simply start to focus on the subscribers who engage with your mails and remove people who haven’t opened your email in the last 12 months.


Despite many years of projections that email marketing would either be replaced or fade away, it remains one of the most effective ways of reaching existing and potential customers. So, apply these tips to get the best result for your email marketing campaign.

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