Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do!

In these challenging times, internship and placement offers are not being honored by many companies. This is making hard-working and meritorious students feel dejected and it’s understandable.

We must recognize that due to the Novel Corona Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, we all are going through an unprecedented situation and it is tough for everyone. Considering this situation, what should newly minted graduates do to remain relevant with the changing times?

Here are my five suggestions to such people to use this time for indulging in productive activities and to add furthermore value to their profile for a better future. Nothing stays forever and this time shall pass too.

1. Learn new skills – It’s time to master a new foreign language or the latest technology. It will help you stand out when demands pick up and the market starts opening for the job.

2. Publish case studies or write articles – Conduct some online research and write blogs on your favorite topics or in your areas of expertise. This will help you in increasing your visibility.

3. Brush up your Soft Skills – Soft skills like presentation skills, business communication, listening skills, leadership skills, personality development, etc. help you shine at the workplace. Get better at them. There is always room for improvement.

4. Free Internship – Take up Work from Home Free Internship assignments to add experience and expertise. Learn how companies or startups work. Companies and people will be much more willing to help you if you are keen to learn and do an internship for free.

5. Share your knowledge – Conduct free webinars in your area of expertise. By teaching and training even you learn and master your skill. Do it more and often.