Sunpack Printing

Sunpack printing

What is Sunpack printing?

Sunpack is also known as plastic corrugated sheets. It comes in different colors like red, green, blue, white, etc. Sunpack nowadays is widely used outdoor medium for advertisement for small Enterprises and households. Being inexpensive gives them an added advantage over wooden frame flex boards. Another advantage of the sunpack sheet is that due to the availability in a number of colors there is no need to print background color as required in flex.

Color sun pack sheets ensure that there is no fading off background and print quality issue. Overall print quality is superior to that in normal flex. In an outdoor display report of HUDA, in Gurgaon, NCR region alone there is a 30:70 ratio of sun pack advertisement to flex banners. In no time, sun pack sheets have captured 30% of the market. Lesser unit cost and ease of installation add to their increase in penetration.

What are the applications of sunpack?

There are following applications of sunpack and those are as mentioned below


Outdoor electricity pole, tree etc.


Notice board.


Parking board.


Sign board.


Name plate.

In which sizes are sunpack available?

Sunpack sheets are available in bigger sheets which can be cut and printed in any size. With sizes as small as 1x1 ft to size upto 5 feet in one dimension is possible. Common sizes used for printing sun pack sheets.

  • 1×1 ft
  • 1×2 ft
  • 2×1 ft
  • 1×3 ft
  • 3×1 ft
  • 2×3 ft
  • 3×2 ft

How to design, price and place order for sun pack?

Designing of sun pack sheets is to be done in same way as designing of the banners. For parking board, to let board etc, you can make design in one colour, two colour etc. You can also design you creative in full multi colour with pictures, images etc. Price will depend upon the size and number of pieces. To place order you can either email us or can call us with your requirement. For more details on sunpack printing, please contact at +919599824600.

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