Standee Design

What is a Standee design?

A standee is an American term for a large self-standing display promoting a movie, product or event, or point-of-sale advertising, often in the form of a life-size cut-out figure. They are typically made of foam-board, and may range from large self-standing posters to elaborate three-dimensional display devices with moving parts and lights. Standees are typically displayed in theatre lobbies or music stores in advance of film or music releases. While standees have previously been available only in large quantities, recent advances in digital photography and print-on-demand technology have made them widely available to the public. Several companies now offer these items as party decorations, gag gifts and memorial items for the deceased. Standees can now be purchased as one-off custom products, bringing them to the average consumer as well as large corporations and venues.

What Are Standees Used For?

Standees are typically used for promotional purposes in places that don't offer alternative ways to display large or small signage. Many people may recognize standees when they are cut into “life-sized” popular culture characters from cardboard for promotional purposes.

How does a standee work?

Standees are mobile signs that act like moving advertisement. You can move them to your desired location as per your needs. If you have an event outside your store or office, you can easily carry the standee with you and place it at the new location without any efforts.

What is the size of standee?

The size of standee is as mentioned below.
Display Size: 2.5x6 inches
Print Size: 31x72 inches, 6x3.

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