Mr. Ratan Tata has no compulsion (neither for money nor for any power or any other benefits) to light a candle today but still he does it.


Because it is good for our country and our countrymen.

In such a gloomy environment, what would be a better way to express our solidarity for each other, for our country, and for our resolve to #winovercorona!

When there is no definite path seen through the naked eyes and logical mind we all light up Diya and candles. We pray to the God we believe in. We trust the Almighty to show us the right path – the path of positivity and hope.

Only an exceptional communicator and super human can make us celebrate, smile, and laugh when the whole world is going through an unprecedented crisis and there is no definite sight of its end.

For many people, it’s difficult to understand the power of simple things in life, the power of communication, and the power of hope in despair.

And…the person who understands this so well, makes best and timely use of his super influencing skills; leads the gigantic nation of 1.3 Billion Diverse People.

No wonder he is one of the most respected world leaders today!!!

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