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NGO Site

What is an NGO?

An NGO stands for the non-government organization which is an organization that generally is formed independently from the government. They are typically non-profit, and many of them are active in humanitarianism or the social sciences; they can also include clubs and associations that provide services to their members and others. Surveys indicate that NGOs have a high degree of public trust, which can make them a useful proxy for the concerns of society and stakeholders. However, NGOs can also be lobby groups for corporations, such as the World Economic Forum.

NGOs are classified by,
Orientation—the type of activities an NGO undertakes, such as activities involving human rights, consumer protection, environmentalism, health, or development; and
level of operation, which indicates the scale at which an organization works: local, regional, national, or international.

What is an example of an NGO?

They include international charities such as OXFAM and Save the Children, research institutes, churches, community-based organizations, lobby groups, and professional associations. Corporate videos or corporate films are used to connect the boardroom to its employees and convey the company's ethics and ethos to the consumer.

What is the difference between an NGO and a non profit?

An NGO refers to a non-governmental organisation formed by ordinary citizens that operates autonomously of government. On the contrary, an NPO is an organisation set up to provide goods and services to people and operates on the principle that no member will receive share profits or losses by the entity.

What are the types of NGOs?

Types of NGOs categorized on the basis of the level of operation

  • Community-based Non- Governmental Organizations (CBOs) Community-based
  • Organizations are those NGOs that target specific communities.
  • Citywide Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • National level Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • International NGOs.

How can I create an NGO website?

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