How Social Media Helps SEO

Most businesses understand the significance of staying active on various social media platforms. But some might still deem social media as an independent entity rather than something that influences a huge part of their digital marketing ventures. Grasping the relationship between social media and SEO to implement into your marketing strategy is a bit of a crafty process.

History of Social Media & SEO

While we can assuredly tell that a website’s social profiles do not influence the site’s rankings directly, there’s a little more to it than that. Looking back at the history of social media and SEO gives us a sneak peek into the gray area of this subject.

Companies like Google, behind search engine algorithms, don’t prefer to share their ranking algorithms. Even after their mystery methods, experts have been able to confirm some SEO techniques through backward engineering.

Danny Sullivan, one among these analysts, published that Google had “social signals” that factored in ranking organic results. That sounds quite absolute. Matt Cutts, who once headed Google’s web spam team, later confirmed the “social pages as ranking signals” claim published by Dany.

But wait, there is more to this story. In 2014, Cutts modified the statement by stating this. Google treats social media profiles as their organic search results rather than as ranking signals.

Cutts’s 2014 take was later confirmed by Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes. 

So, the moral of this story is that social signals do have a relationship with organic rankings. Although, they do not directly affect those rankings. It’s just that the websites having strong social presences with content shared across all their platforms, will tend to be ranked at the top. Conclusively, the algorithm will rank websites with several social profiles, but those profiles are not directly enhancing those rankings. The website as a whole has to function well to rank highly.

How Social Media Helps SEO

As mentioned earlier, social media isn’t a ranking factor. Hence, it won’t directly help or enhance your ranking. Despite having no direct relation between the two entities, the benefits of social media do feed into SEO.

And if you’re working on advancing your SEO, here’s why you need to invest in social.

Boost Your Content Performance

If you haven’t been sharing your content using social media, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Social platforms are important platforms to share content your business produces.

When you publish content on the website and skip the further step of sharing, it’s just going to lie there. Not sharing it is a waste of all the efforts gone into creating it.

Social platforms provide access to a much wider audience than you can ever have on your website. The more people engage and visit your site through socially published content, the more those positive user signals benefit your search rankings. You can see that it has an indirect impact, but does have the impact.

More Opportunities to Gain Backlinks

Bringing in more traffic isn’t the sole reason to share it on social media. With a wider audience, the chances of someone linking to it increase significantly.

Backlinks are the most relevant and crucial part of ranking algorithms. They tell search engines that the traffic finds the content on your website relevant and useful. Content gets your website ranked higher if it’s quite relevant to users. You might have that genuine and relevant content worthy of backlinks, but you won’t get it if the same goes unnoticed.

And if people who found your content through social channels conceived it was helpful, some of them might want to share it with others. Content can spread easily through social media, despite the number of followers. All you need is one person linking back to you for even more people to see it, and what’s a better place than social media to get this started.

Social Profiles Can Rank for Search Terms

While how your website ranks might be a prominent interest for your business, you might not have put any consideration into how your social profiles rank. When people search for a company using branded search terms, social profiles have a chance of ranking along with your website.

If you have further opportunities to rank for branded searches then why not? People are searching for your brand, so they’re already interested in what you have to offer. There’s a high chance that some people exploring your brand will want to want to see what you have on social media. Your social media profiles can offer a diverse viewpoint of your business than your website and provide additional information.

Here’s one more thing to make your mind clear about this. Going through active and engaging social media profiles could be the push the explorers or your potential customers might need when they’re trying to research to decide to be a purchaser.


Everything you do to develop your business online should work together. SEO and social media, both have their particular benefits. But they can be more effective and offer benefits other than their genre when they are supporting one another and presenting a consistent and unified brand image.

Just having social media profiles won’t automatically do anything for enhancing your business’s SEO, you have to be genuine, relevant, and original with your content and service quality and has to see what works better and what not experimenting and combining the two most powerful tools of SEO.

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