Email/SMS Marketing

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Email Marketing

Keep your customer engaged and grow your business with Email and SMS Marketing

Email Marketing

The exponential increase in internet usage over the past decade has massively affected how people purchase products and interact with businesses. So marketing online to connect with and influence potential customers have become very crucial for most businesses, irrespective of their size and stature.

Email is one of the most frequently used digital marketing channel. The versatility and flexibility of Email campaigns equip marketers with limitless possibilities. Email marketing, simply put, is using the vehicle of email to deliver direct marketing messages to the customer. The low cost and relative ease of carrying out an email marketing campaign mean that it is accessible to almost any business. But make sure you reach the right people, ensuring that they open your email and prompting them to buy becomes a different ball game.

A well-planned and executed Email Campaign can fetch very high ROIs in a short span, but a campaign can result in failure also equally fast, if not done in a systematic manner. Therefore, it becomes extremely critical to meticulously plan each step like HTML design & content, list quality, server capabilities & reputation, campaign schedule, response management & analysis, follow-ups, etc.

Why choose Prabisha Consulting over others to avail of Email Marketing Services?

  • Focused campaigns based on user profile, engagement & landing page behavior.
  • Cross-platform advanced HTML coding techniques.
  • Countdown timers, dynamic image serving, live web cropping & app redirects.
  • Custom landing pages relevant to the TG for Response Management.
  • Multiple levels of personalization and dynamic customization.
  • Subject line fine-tuning, personalization, and split-tests.
  • Spam filters and checks. HTML Optimization.
  • High Open/Click rates. Dynamic targeting.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis. ROI Calculator.
  • Social Media integration and re-targeting based on user engagement.

SMS Marketing

  • Mobile phone users represent all demographics and it is a marketing gold mine! And since mobile phones and text messaging especially, are the way that people communicate the most, this virtually has limitless market potential.

    In the current marketing trend, every marketer has affirmed that no other strategy has proven to provide as wide reach as text messages. However, the challenge is that not many organizations know how to use SMS marketing effectively. Years of experience in text marketing have shaped Prabisha to be the leader in generating leads through text messages. Despite the growth of social media and messaging applications, texts are a key component for successful and engaging ways of connecting with extensive customers.

    We employ web-based interactive communication to connect with customers and provide cost-effective bulk SMS services to reach the right audiences in a short period as bulk SMS offers the power to reach a broad array of customers instantly. It is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and revenue. An average of thousands of texts will be sent per hour by our executives. The most challenging responsibility in SMS text marketing is character limitation, and our professionals are experts in conveying the right message within the limited characters.


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